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Casting: Symphony of Her


MJ aka Master

Late 20s, Early 30s / African American

MJ is an aspiring journalist. Well spoken and highly educated, MJ is often seen carrying a pen and pad, vintage film camera, or his trusty pocket recorder. With an old soul, at times he can portray strong introverted characteristics. Inspired by the days of past, MJ has a love for the purities of life. He has an appreciation for conservatisms, career, American dream, and particularly falling in good ol' fashion love.

Everything is shaping up perfect for MJ, after his long-term girlfriend accepted his proposal for marriage. The life he imagined will, however, come to a jolting halt when he is hired to write for a prestigious entertainment publication. His first assignment is to write about a beautiful, up-and-coming singer. This project will prove to be more difficult than expected. Spending much of his day around this new woman, MJ’s universe will eventually flip upside down.

Justine Waters

Late 20s, Early 30s/ African American

Following the footsteps of her father, the late great guitarist James Waters, Justine is a talented musician in her own right. The young bohemian is a rising star in the Jazz community and is looking to spread her talents to a broader audience.

Growing up, surrounded by the industry, Justine has developed a false idea of happiness. Clouded by money, sex, and lots of drugs, she is quickly losing her grip on reality. At a young age, Justine is falling fast.

While recording her debut album, Justine runs across a journalist named MJ. Justine's spoiled shell does not register well with MJ, at first. However, things quickly change as the two realize their attraction towards each other is not merely physical.

Both Justine and MJ have their plans for life, neither includes falling in love with a stranger.


Late 20s, Early 30s/ Ethnically Ambiguous

Having dated since college, Cassandra is the beautiful girlfriend of MJ. The two have been through a lot together and they appear to have the perfect relationship. Though MJ has his insecurities, Cassandra's heart belongs to him. However with new prospects appearing from all corners, she is romantically distracted with ease.

Cassandra can be conniving, secretive, and comes with a stern ego. She knows what she wants and shoots for her goals, like a straight arrow. Her goals appear to line up adjacent to those of MJ, which makes the announcement of their impetuous engagement not so surprising. Life with MJ is going to be amazing, if she can overcome the other woman.


Late 20s, Early 30s/ African American

Malcolm is the best friend and voice of reason for MJ. Often looked at as the immature comic of the two, Malcolm also guides MJ when he is clouded with the matters of the heart. Malcolm is the fun, go-with-it friend that everyone loves, everyone except Cassandra and her friends. Nonetheless, MJ needs Malcolm, especially when he is being pulled between the two women in his life.

Ms. Rivera

Late 30s,Early 40s/Hispanic

The boss and Editor in Chief at Vinyl Magazine, she gives MJ the task of proving himself as a real writer at Vinyl. She is straight, no chaser and is serious when it comes to deadlines.


Late 20s, Early 30s/Any Ethnicity

Cassandra's best friend who doesn't trust MJ. It seems as though she is almost jealous of her friend and her recent engagement but keeps an eye on MJ after seeing him very comfortable with Justine at a party.


30s/African American Male

Blu is a drug dealer who doesn't play about his money and comes to collect when Justine doesn't pay in time.


Late 20s, Early 30s/Any Ethnicity

Cassandra's other best friend who just seems to be along for the ride.

Judge Matthews

50s/African American

Cassandra's father who does not approve of his daughter marrying MJ.


Late 20s/Early 30s/Caucasian

Cassandra's ex boyfriend who does not want be an ex and makes it his point to let MJ know when ever he has the opportunity. He is also a police officer who uses his position to try and bully MJ.

These are paid roles. Please submit headshot/resume to

(DO NOT SUBMIT FOR THIS PROJECT VIA THIS SITE). Auditions will be held, Saturday August 27, 2016.

Thank you,

LaQuanda Plantt

Casting Director

"Symphony Of Her"

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