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When you made the choice to become an actor, it may not have been an ideal decision, especially for your loved ones. For some of you that were blessed with an awesome support  system, congratulations! Not everyone is blessed with that so don’t take it for granted. Being an actor is not easy. It entails hard work, dedication and rejection -- tons of it. 


You have to be vulnerable in a room full of strangers, only to hear the word “no” repeatedly. In over a decade of casting, I have talked many actors off the ledge. Not an actual ledge, but they wanted to quit. They did not believe that this was meant for them. They were 

getting the auditions, but they were not booking the roles. 


Listen to me when I say this: It is a part of the process. Believe it or not, so many other actors feel the same way. You are not alone. Although it may feel like it, that, in and of itself, can affect your mental health in a negative way. That is why I created The Actor’s Journal. It is known that journaling is beneficial to your mental health. Besides that, every actor wants to know how their audition went, once it is complete. Unfortunately, you do not have access to get that immediate feedback from the casting director. However, instead of stressing over how your audition went, journal your thoughts about the audition, and leave it on the page. 


If that role was meant for you, you will receive that call! Believe that! 


Initially, I was going to leave it there, but then I thought, “Let me take this a step further.” Within your journal, you will also be able to prep before your audition. Incorporate your scene study when you receive notification of the audition; break down and develop the character, all 

within these pages! No limitations!!! What makes me most excited is that you will be able to refer back and read what your thoughts 

were and you will be able to see your growth. You can’t see “growth” when you are in the trenches and in the constant hustle of trying to book that role. I am rooting for you! 


Enjoy your journal, actor! 

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