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You may know me from my company, ElleQ Casting.


I have been casting projects for almost a decade; my love and passion for the filmmaking process has lead me to Producing.

Over the years I have held the title of Producer in some capacity: Producer, Co Producer, Associate Producer etc… I always want to assist with the filmmaking process, outside of casting. That is how I began producing, I would go above and beyond my casting duties to assist where I can to make it happen! That is what a Producer does…they make it happen! I produced the award winning web series, Osiris the Series, in 2012 and the rest was history. May, 2016, I returned to The Art Institute of Atlanta and received my Bachelors Degree in Digital Filmmaking with a concentration solely in Producing. I am looking forward to my new journey as a Producer. As I like to say, “Dreams are not limited, if you believe and work hard towards that belief, you can achieve anything you dream to do.”

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